Dr Oliver

About Dr. Oliver Tan, PhD Master Trainer & Founder of The Power of Numbers

Dr. Oliver Tan is Founder and Master Trainer of Numbers Academy. Being the pioneer in establishing the 'Power of Numbers', Dr. Tan has imparted his knowledge on numbers to more than 6000 students, nurturing most of Asia Pacific's leading and senior practitioners in the Power of Numbers.

Dr Oliver Tan is a researcher and an expert in the discipline of a diversity of metaphysic sciences, however particularly in the mysticism of Numbers. Dr. Tan has conducted proficient and extensive research in regards to metaphysic science and through his effort stumbled upon links which were not merely transient or trifling links, but in fact substantial co-relations. This sparked Dr. Tan's interest to further research upon the commonality and differentials among the diversified field of metaphysic science. Dr. Tan undertook views from several perspectives incorporating the 'logical' and 'factual' elements together as well as the 'nature versus nurture' approach.

Excogitating other fields of metaphysic science from all over the world such as the Lo Shu & He Tu numerology, Indian analysis as well as the Sumerian numbers, Dr. Tan has discovered and deciphered the true depth of Numbers, placing great emphasis on Numbers as the major driving force of all metaphysic sciences.

Dr. Tan aided with a team comprising of Grand Masters of other various fields of metaphysics, they have decrypted the enigma of the principle of Numbers. This astounding conceptualisation began to blossom in terms of its accuracy and precision, not to mention within an astounding pace. Based on the fundamental principles and philosophy of Pythagoras; the great Greek Mathematician (Father of Modern Mathematics), Dr. Tan discovered the relevance between the theories provided by Pythagoras and how applicable the concepts are in our modern world today.

Apart from that, Dr. Tan has vast exposure and experience having read Law in 2 different countries namely the United Kingdom and Australia. Prior to that, Dr. Tan is not only a renowned law lecturer but also in the linguistic subject of Bahasa Malaysia. Dr. Tan is also a very sought after motivator who has never failed to captivate the hearts of the crowd which include academicians within the region and abroad. His gallant effort and extensive research has earned him a PhD conferment based on his thesis – 'Rediscovering the Science of Numbers – Its mysticism, Power & it's Vibrations'.