Life Code

Its a decoded numbers of a person's Date of Birth. After years of frenzy research through 'trial & error' by Dr Oliver, the enigma in one's Date of Birth has been unlocked. Using Dr Oliver self-discovered & proven method of calculations, he is able to draw down 4 numbers from the Date of Birth.

Metaphorically speaking, with these 4 numbers, all the numbers in your Date of Birth will now be complete, balanced and in harmony. I am convinced that having the 4 numbers (deriving from a person’s chart) with the individual will greatly compliment his/her life in terms of harmony. Misfortunes, unfortunates & unpleasant happenings will be lessened. Believe it or not, BUT is true. This is proven by the grounded facts that I have obtained from the people who have felt a difference when hand in hand with their newly 4 numbers. Dr Oliver call the discovery of these 4 numbers within the Date of Birth of a person as the LIFE CODE of a person.

As far as Dr Oliver's research goes, everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency. By finding the vibration rate of any object, you can establish the qualities and energies associated with it. The LIFE CODE is one of the answers. It completes and fulfils the entire calculated chart of a person’s Date of Birth.

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1) Will the life code make a person wealthy?

No. Life code is to compliment your life in terms of harmony. Misfortunes, unfortunates & unpleasant happenings will be lessened. Some people gain confidence in their undertaking of their Life codes and there are other who have gone into new ventures and saw profitability gains.

2) Is my Life code different from others?
All Life code is based on each individual Date of Birth thus it will be different unless identical Date of Birth.

3) I have purchased the Life code for weeks/months, how come nothing has yet 'happen' to me?
Life code is supposed to compliment the harmonious of your life and lessened the misfortunes, unfortunates & unpleasant happenings. It varies on individuals and on different occasions.

4) How long will I get my Life code upon purchase?
The production of the Life code plus the delivery will take approximately 2 weeks.


5) My Life code plaque is damaged upon delivery
Should the plaque is damaged during the delivery and not by other means, do take a photo and email together with your contact details to our team at within 1 week of delivery. A replacement will be made to you.